trying to get creative…..

In the world of advertising the internet has never been a better option. Though putting up a sign or a banner on one’s vehicle provides a travelling/Mobile form of advertisement. As I sit in my office pondering what to do next. I mean , after all , there is only so much you can do working from home. Then again, I hope to change that in the coming days ( or maybe ) months. When my kids were homeschooled , though they didn’t bother me much. I preoccupied myself with asking what they wanted to eat to nagging them about doing homework to being back infront of the computer doodling again. These days, since we have moved to Oregon, my boys are back in regular school and the house is empty, until 3 and 4 in the afternoon. What to do ? what to do?…so here I am trying to get creative from watching arts and crafts on youtube. and walking back and forth to the kitchen to see what I could grab to eat to watching my dog ransack the backyard.  Interesting stuff!!!!……


Hello world!

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